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Investor opportunities

Alternative investment opportunities used to be only for investors who had $100K to invest per investment. MicroAngel Capital Partners is changing that by creating smaller more focused funds that give more accredited investors access.
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What we look for?

We are looking to invest in people with great ideas who have relevant experience, a track record and a passion for their concept.
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Have a startup?

Do you have a start-up that you think we might be interested in? We read all of our e-mails so drop us a note.
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Interested in investing when we have an opportunity?

If you think you might be interested in investing in one of our funds let us know and we will put you in touch with the manager.
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Are you a start-up & need capital?

If you are looking for funding send us a request.
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Our Focus

Microangel Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that was established to give more investors an opportunity to invest in alternative investments. The typical venture fund investment is over $100K but we are establishing smaller funds which will allow more investors the opportunity to invest in a fund.

Our firm is located in Austin, TX but we can invest in any opportunity as long as it fits the profile of the fund. Most of our investments will be made in high tech, social networking, green technology, mobile and internet start-ups.

The funds will offer varying investment levels and focus on different alternative investments. Some examples are:
• Venture capital fund of funds that invests in a variety of existing venture capital funds
• Secondary stock funds that focus on purchasing stock in existing private companies.
• Specialty funds focused on specific niches, such as mobile apps or solar energy.
• Local and regional funds – Investing in start-ups in one geographical area. Austin, Silicon Valley and New York are initial target areas.

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